The New Wife Trials; The Birthday Of A Spouse

Before you got married, whenever you thought of the first year of your wedded life, you’d probably imagined it to have been all hearts and roses. Then the initial few weeks (or even months!) probably went this way. But then you had to deal with reality; with adjusting to living with someone (if you already didn’t), with probably leaving your job; and mostly, you had to deal with being a wife. And then the birthday of your spouse rolls in.

Now it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to make it a private celebration, or invite all your friends for a huge birthday bash. Or you could do both! If you’ve chosen to make it a private celebration, then no doubt you’ve got a lot of cute and naughty ideas lined up; after all, it is your sweetie’s birthday. But if you’ve decided to have a party, and you don’t know how to go about doing it; then perhaps we can be of help.

Since we don’t know what kind of party you plan on throwing, we’ve put in a few general tips—and hopefully these will help you out.

Have a fun theme for it

This is the easiest way to make your party hop. From adult dress up parties, to even masquerade (if it’s something that you both enjoy, that is), you can let your imagination run. It could be anything; just make sure that it’s something all your friends and his friends will enjoy.

The party food

Don’t sweat too much about this. There are many catering in Canberra that’ll be more than happy to take over this task. Remember to tell them your theme, if you have one, so that they can prepare the food to match it.

The birthday boy’s cake

Now that the birthday catering service is handling the food, you can concentrate on the cake. Depending on the type of party you’re organizing, you can make it elegant or as funky as you want. Remember, it’s something the birthday boy should enjoy especially; or what’s the point?

The music for the party

If you’re not too sure about the kind of music your husband will enjoy (girl, pull out your detective skills!), then perhaps you can get the help of your husbands friends. Also, ask them if they can play the role of a DJ for the party. Get your guests dancing with their help.

The decorations

Keep it simple, if you’re going the DIY way that is. If this is the first time that your (mutual) friends are coming over, they’ll probably want to see your digs more than the decorations anyway. Or if you feel this is a little too simple for such a special party, get the help of a decorating service, or comb the internet for a few fun decorating ideas.

Most of all, remember to relax and have fun; and enjoy your moment together!

Advantages Of Office Coffee Supply Companies

There is an unwritten rule that there must be coffee in any office. However, the price of buying a respectable coffee machine and stocking it makes the going tough for business owners and office managers. Coffee keeps people active and gives them the chance to unwind and catch up for the few minutes spent at the dispensers. Coffee is also a universal drink; taken during both the cold and hot season. Coffee services companies have recognized these facts and are now providing offices with coffee and saving employers a lot of time and money. They supply coffee to the office at specific times during the day, and take care of the brewing, preparation and service. Here are some advantages of hiring a coffee services company.

Providing employees with coffee in the office improves their satisfaction with the workplace. It is a gesture of appreciation for the work they are doing, and makes them feel valued and appreciated. In most businesses, the coffee is available to both the employees and the clients. This makes them feel positive about the business. Research has shown that coffee improves the morale of the workforce, reduces stress and therefore improves the general productivity of the business.

Instead of having to buy commercial coffee machines, the coffee services companies bring coffee to the workplace. They save the employer money, by eliminating the cost of buying a new machine, constantly stocking it and maintaining it. Any decent coffee maker will cost a few hundred dollars. Having coffee services saves the company from any of these expenditures.

Apart from the expenditure on commercial coffee machines in Melbourne, another importance of having these coffee service provider is the time savings. They not only deliver coffee to the office, but serve it to the clients in the waiting rooms and to the employees at their desks. The employees can have their breaks without having to move up and down to the other end of the office to access the coffee maker. Coffee maker gossip is the source of a lot of time wasting in the office. With the employees being served coffee at their desks, nothing distracts them away from productive work.

In offices that otherwise would not have served their employees coffee, the employees themselves are saved a lot of money. They no longer have to order their favorite drinks from the shops outside, or have to go all the way to the streets below to get coffee. Most of these companies supply everything one might require with their coffee. They have sugar, cream and sweeteners, stirrers, snacks and other beverages.

For those who work outdoors, these companies often can provide a variety of drinks. Instead of buying that frozen drink machine or splashing money on slush machine hire, a company like this can provide those cool refreshing drinks to employees and clients in the field on a hit sunny day. The intangible benefits on the employees leave them feeling motivated and appreciated. On the other hand, their employer gets to save on purchasing the coffee machine and its supplies, and repairing, maintaining or replacement.


Different Types Of Cocktails

You need a good cocktail to give your Friday night a kick-start, and do not know which drink you should decide on. One way to be able to booze up your evening without completely drenching yourself with alcohol is having a cocktail that will give you the sweetness of a given fruit, and the punch at the edge of your throat that comes with the mixes of alcohol. There are several cocktails made out of different kinds of concoctions put together and they are bound to get the party started. If you want to be able to make one yourself during your free time, read on to find out some impeccable cocktail recipes you could make in a jiffy.
Whenever you are planning to make a cocktail, apart from the glasses, there are few key items that you must need. These include a muddler that can be used to squash whatever kind of fruit being used, a shaker to be able to give your cocktail a nice shake and mix all the contents together, a stirrer, strainer, and a tall glass. Some unorthodox bartenders tend to add milk to cocktails, this is considered a major no-no in the cocktail world, and just as much the heavy garnishing repels the true cocktail enthusiasts, also check this repulse bay Hong Kong restaurants.

Tom CollinsStart by adding in a tablespoon of sugar syrup, the juice of a lemon and five ounces of gin, into a Tom Collins glass. Stir everything up until all the ingredients are well combined, and then add in about four to five cubes of ice. Fill up the glass with some soda, thoroughly stir all of it up again and serve it immediately. If you are ever in the mood to have a more sweetened version of this, switch the gin with old tom gin, and enjoy a drink as if it was professionally made in a margarita bar and grill.
El presidenteYou can make this irresistible cocktail at home, or go to a margarita bar and grill and order up one for yourself. If you ever try your hand at making this cocktail, it can be assured that you wouldn’t have to go out to get one there on. All you need is some French vermouth, rum and a little bit of grenadine. This is an extremely simple drink to make. Just add in all the ingredients together in a glass, put in some cubes of ice and give it a bit of a stir. To give the drink a bit of flair, you can go one step forward and also add in a twist of orange peel.
DaiquiriTake out your shaker. Add in one part sugar syrup, two parts of lime juice, eight parts of Bacardi, and shake till you can shake no more. Make sure you have a chilled glass at the ready, pour this irresistible concoction into the glass and you are ready to serve.
Put your heart and soul into making these drinks, and you yourself or anyone else drinking them will enjoy it their hearts content.