Different Types Of Cocktails

You need a good cocktail to give your Friday night a kick-start, and do not know which drink you should decide on. One way to be able to booze up your evening without completely drenching yourself with alcohol is having a cocktail that will give you the sweetness of a given fruit, and the punch at the edge of your throat that comes with the mixes of alcohol. There are several cocktails made out of different kinds of concoctions put together and they are bound to get the party started. If you want to be able to make one yourself during your free time, read on to find out some impeccable cocktail recipes you could make in a jiffy.
Whenever you are planning to make a cocktail, apart from the glasses, there are few key items that you must need. These include a muddler that can be used to squash whatever kind of fruit being used, a shaker to be able to give your cocktail a nice shake and mix all the contents together, a stirrer, strainer, and a tall glass. Some unorthodox bartenders tend to add milk to cocktails, this is considered a major no-no in the cocktail world, and just as much the heavy garnishing repels the true cocktail enthusiasts, also check this repulse bay Hong Kong restaurants.

Tom CollinsStart by adding in a tablespoon of sugar syrup, the juice of a lemon and five ounces of gin, into a Tom Collins glass. Stir everything up until all the ingredients are well combined, and then add in about four to five cubes of ice. Fill up the glass with some soda, thoroughly stir all of it up again and serve it immediately. If you are ever in the mood to have a more sweetened version of this, switch the gin with old tom gin, and enjoy a drink as if it was professionally made in a margarita bar and grill.
El presidenteYou can make this irresistible cocktail at home, or go to a margarita bar and grill and order up one for yourself. If you ever try your hand at making this cocktail, it can be assured that you wouldn’t have to go out to get one there on. All you need is some French vermouth, rum and a little bit of grenadine. This is an extremely simple drink to make. Just add in all the ingredients together in a glass, put in some cubes of ice and give it a bit of a stir. To give the drink a bit of flair, you can go one step forward and also add in a twist of orange peel.
DaiquiriTake out your shaker. Add in one part sugar syrup, two parts of lime juice, eight parts of Bacardi, and shake till you can shake no more. Make sure you have a chilled glass at the ready, pour this irresistible concoction into the glass and you are ready to serve.
Put your heart and soul into making these drinks, and you yourself or anyone else drinking them will enjoy it their hearts content.