Our Best Chai

What does it take to make some of the best chai? Well, with our years of experience and selling the most demanding chai, we can say it depends on only one thing and that is the ingredients. We use the best ingredients in our chai to make the best chai because the chai will only taste like what ingredients you are going to be using in them. So, we have some of the best chai available in our stock and you can check them online at our website. Our sticky chai is in high demand because of its unique taste. Sticky chai includes some tea leaves, ginger, spices that are all covered up in honey and vanilla. So, when you take the sip, you get an amazing taste and we are sure that once you taste our tea, you would not be able to resist the taste of it.

As there is a huge variety of selection of chai so you can choose what suits you the best. There is sticky ginger chai which is available in 200g packing as it consists of black tea, some of the aroma of spices and ginger. All of the ingredients are covered in honey and vanilla. So, when you take the sip, you will get a premium taste of different ingredients mixed together. Then we have vegan sticky chai, which is also amazing in taste. It consists of almost same ingredients, the only difference in in the coating, the coting is now of coconut syrup. Then we have sticky green tea chai that has coating of vanilla, honey and cinnamon. The chai tastes best when you use it with the soy milk and then add honey to it to your taste. 

Our sticky ginger chai is the only like you might not have never tried before. You will never guess the flavour of it because it is sweet, toasty and then there is some bitterness. It is the mixture of all and you will love it. The chai consists of all the natural ingredients including honey, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, green tea and some of black pepper. The taste you get from this nice wet chai is amazing and you will just love it because you have never had something like this before. There is different serving from all these different packs, some may take less quantity to make chai and some may take more. Some packs can serve up to 20 cups and some can even serve up to 40 cups. Whatever your priority is, we are sure that you will love these flavours and we are sure that once you try it you cannot resist the taste of it.