The Advantages Of Creating Combo Meals And Specials

It is important that a restaurant knows what they are good at, what their signature dishes are and what appeals to the customers. From high end cafés and restaurants to simple fast food places, everyone has something to offer. You can choose what dishes and combinations work well together by observing and catering to customer needs along with proper research.
The CustomerWhen creating combo meals or specials keep in mind what type of customer you are trying to attract. Combo meals will appeal to customers if they feel that they are getting their money’s worth, and because they will have a combination of items they would enjoy. With customizable combo meals, the customer would enjoy creating their own selection of items and feel that the eatery or outlet acknowledges them. Combo meals can even be created based on having restaurant surveys or polls on the restaurant’s social media page to find out which menu items are favorites or by menu item sales.

Combo MealsAs stated earlier, a combo meal should make a customer feel like they are getting a quality meal for a good price. Pairing up a popular dish with one of the side dishes or a special drink is a common method that has been tried and tested with success. As an example, the following can be introduced – a combo meal pairing up the signature or best hamburger with special fries and a popular starter can be a hit with customers. The same can be done with desserts or signature drinks as well. Special seasonal combinations will always be in demand during the major holidays – just create something that will set the restaurant apart from the competition.
The SpecialsCreating some weekly special can keep things exciting and might bring in new customer as well. Keep aside a few signature dishes for the weekly special or come up with something new entirely by brainstorming with the chef and kitchen staff. Giving something for free with a meal can be considered as well. For example, an offer such as a complimentary cappuccino or juice with a chocolate chip cookie skillet or cheese cake can be created.
How to Make This SuccessfulGreat combo meals or specials cannot stand on their own. The key to success is good advertising, as well as knowing your customers and identifying what would keep them coming back for more. Small things like always keeping the social media page updated with new specials or a having customer alerts can go a long way, this includes distributing a few leaflets as well or keeping some at the counter.