Unconventional Places To Answer Your Question Of “Where?”!

Are you looking to host a Christmas or Year-end party? You will definitely be busy in that case, attending to the various details that need attention – more-so if the party you will be hosting is a large-scale function, such as a corporate event or a formal party for most of your relatives. From managing the list of guests (and actually confirming who will be attending) to making sure to keeping contact with the catering services and the decoration services, the few weeks until the big party are sure to leave you restless and without a decent break.

Of course, with all the effort you will be putting into the party, you will definitely want to surprise your guests, and make sure they attend the best party of their life. And to this end, a good trick is to always include an element of surprise in your function: the gift exchange without recipients and senders is a traditional way to spice up the Christmas party venues, but what if your party event doesn’t really revolve around presents? Of course, there are a ton of different ways to include surprises, but let us consider the easiest way to do it: the venue!Indeed, simply changing the venue to an unexpected location can make sure to shake up the atmosphere and that much needed ‘unexpected’ feel to your event. Below are some unconventional function venues you might want to check out!

• Bars and nightclubs in day time – when you hear the words clubs or bars, you are bound to imagine a night-time event bursting with neon lights and blaring music. However, stop right there! It’s not like bars and clubs exist only at night – they are still there in daytime. And what’s more, they are completely deserted! Yes, large halls with audio and video facilities: I think you’ve found an ideal place to party.

• Hangars and runways of local airports – the opposite of the above can be applied to your local airports (not the big, international airports, mind you!). Most local suburban airports close by sunset, and end up in the same deserted situation. If possible, try to hire the venue for the night to have an awesome location never expected by your guests.

• Parking lots – and lastly, don’t you always stress whether venues have large enough parking facilities for your guests’ vehicles? Well, instead of making the parking lot a parking facility, you can make it the party venue! In fact, parking lots are spacious enough to hold large gatherings, and a good idea for the occasion would be to host a drive-in theatre.